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What is Home Watch?

Home Watch is...
a visual observation of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

GV Home Watch inspects all elements of your home both inside and out. On each visit we look for any damage, signs of leaks, mold, pests, and insects.  We also check that appliances, plumbing fixtures, HVAC and electrical systems are functioning properly, including exterior landscaping and irrigation. We conduct the inspection using a checklist and send you a detailed report on the same day of the inspection. If something needs attention, we notify you immediately. For a non-emergency, you will be contacted to decide on the appropriate course of action. Aside from performing routine on-site inspections, a home watch company can handle things you need done. We can meet contractors and servicemen, receive deliveries, start your car, stock up on groceries before your return, saving you the hassle and valuable time.

By us catching potential problems while you’re away, it can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. We use a detailed inspection report using photographs of your property so that you can see what we see while visiting your home. We make sure your home looks like someone is currently there by removing mail, newspapers, door-hangers and any debris from your driveway and front door.  Your property is always locked and secured when we leave.

We provide peace of mind on the “What If's” While You Are Away:

  • What if a pipe breaks?
  • What if the AC breaks?
  • What if there’s damage to a window?
  • What if the irrigation line springs a leak?
  • What if trash blows in my yard and front entry making it look like no one is home?
  • What if rodents invade?
  • What if a tree falls over from a storm?
  • What if my fridge or freezer trips after a storm and everything spoils?
  • What if I have termites?
  • What if someone tries to break in?
No more fearing the unknown, ensuring your peace of mind.

Southern Arizona Local Company

We proudly serve Green Valley, Sahuarita, Quail Creek and Tubac Single-family homes and villa/condo properties.


GV Home Watch uses encrypted software to protect our clients’ data. Any information given to us is never shared. We take your privacy seriously.

Services Offered

GV Home Watch offers weekly or bi-weekly visits. We can provide additional services such as managing, meeting, and opening your home to service providers. Additionally, we verify your contractors are showing up and completing their work and we will report back to you. We also provide pre-arrival/post-departure services, and grocery shopping and stocking.

Reliable Communication

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and communication. As the eyes and ears of our clients, GV Home Watch wants our homeowners to feel peace of mind while away from home. We do this by promptly communicating the details of any issues that may arise using our cloud-based software program/technology.

How to start your Home Watch Service


Set up Appointment

Call, text or e-mail us to schedule an appointment to inquire about our services and to validate your property address.


Meet in Person

We would like to meet the owner first in person to familiarize ourselves with the property, establish a relationship and select a plan that fits your needs.


Schedule Your First Visit

After our initial meeting we will schedule your first home watch visit based on your next departure and invoice you month-by-month.